Survive the Chinese people Yi Nisi night: the life of the truck passing from the side

The truck travels 2 km on the promenade
After the European Cup ended, France confidently declared to the world, from the security side "won the European Championship", but in the day of the National Day, completely lost to terrorism. Nice local time July 14 evening around 10:30, when people are still immersed in the just-concluded fireworks show and band music, 31-year-old Tunisian Frenchman Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove from the nearby towns rented heavy trucks, posing Into the ice cream dispatcher, without causing the police suspected of the case, heading for the Gold Coast is strictly prohibited vehicles through the British walking road. Nearly 10 minutes, the truck rushed into the crowd, the direction of the direction of driving 2 km, people like a domino as a succession to knock down. Laughter of the coast paradise, the moment into the bloody Shura field. First, the encounter horror and death pass along the Mediterranean meandering along the British walkway, is the southern French city of Nice one of the main landscape. At the beginning of the 18th century, British settlers who moved to Nice built the coast road at their own expense. Hotel casino, clear water blue sky, palm trees and pebbles beach, it has the most charming of the Mediterranean everything, "World War II" has been the European royal family and aristocratic seaside resort. Every year on July 14 held here in the fireworks show, is the French National Day routine. 227 years ago this day, the Paris people captured a symbol of the feudal rule of the Bastille, which opened the French Revolution. This year's performance is 3 minutes later than in previous years, 10:03 pm fireworks show began, lasted 20 minutes. 28-year-old Lin Zhi can not wait to take out the phone after reading, open Pokemon Go - this is a real world appear in the pet elf to explore the capture, fighting and exchange of the game, is sweeping the world. Lin Zhi came to Nice a few years ago to settle down, recently obsessed with the Pokemon Go, caught a "Picacho" also screenshots sent to friends circle to show off. He did not expect the game to save him a life on the coast of the coast signal difference, less than 5 minutes the game was broken, Lin Chi will call around his girlfriend and 13-year-old brother to go home together. The sea breeze hit, wrapped in the Mediterranean smell and moisture, Lin Zhi see people walking on the road walking, still immersed in the joy of the National Day atmosphere. Chinese people Zhang Yu also at the beach. He and his girlfriend finished the performance, and heard the song, also intend to go home. 34-year-old Zhang Yu has lived in Nice for 15 years, he loves this beautiful city, every year to attend the celebration of the National Day. In the walking road, Zhang Yu side of the walk, while his girlfriend aftertaste just the performance. 10:28 or so, Zhang rain looked up to see the road about 20 meters on the distance, open a white heavy truck. This kind of truck is not uncommon in Nice and is used for shipping. Zhang Yu heart wonder, according to the normal situation, where the vehicle is prohibited from driving. But when the vehicle passing the roadside police car, the police did not have any reaction, Zhang Yu thought it was normal, the truck may come to install the band's musical instruments. Trucks gradually close to the crowd, suddenly began to accelerate. From the truck only about 10 meters, Zhang rain quickly pulled his girlfriend to the direction of the beach to escape. And so on, the truck has crossed them to continue to accelerate forward, rolling the crowd opened 10 meters away. People began to scream and flee. "A lot of people standing in place, a moment did not react, did not move, so the car was soaked, like a dominoes were truck rolled down." Some people because of fear, along the car driving trajectory Ran, was also grinded under the wheel. Zhang Yu immediately covered his girlfriend's eyes, walking road instantly reduced to Shura hell. There are baby carriages directly hit the fly, the baby was thrown into the air; some people scared to move, alive to be hit; someone was car crushed into two, fell in a pool of blood ... ... people screaming, rush, tourists Cry in a variety of languages. At this time, Lin Zhi to the beach, but 50 meters behind the crowd began to scream, bolted. His first reaction is encountered a terrorist attack, shouting his girlfriend and brother running together. Minds emerge out of the IS terrorists to sweep the crowd picture, Linzhi run faster. Second, the dead escape stepping on the body to run out of worry about the truck followed by other terrorists, Zhang Yu took his girlfriend jumped to the beach next to the walk, continue to go back Ben. At this point, people are crazy to flee to the beach, more than 100 people jumped into the sea to escape the terrorist attacks. In the walk on the road, the truck opened the place, people into the film fell to the ground, escape the body stepped on the body ran out. Zhang Yu went to the Negros hotel near, where the people gathered a little less. The truck is still like a crazy monster rushed to the most people. Zhang Yu remember, about 5 minutes later, the car to the location of the casino, gunfire sounded. The police finally started. From the beginning to hit people, to be forced to stop the police, about 10 minutes, the truck in the walking road driving 2 km. Witnesses recorded the attack scene. The video shows that the truck is driving to the crowd, followed by a motorcycle, looking to stop the truck, but helpless, and two suspected security men chasing the truck. The truck driving tens of meters to the crowd gathered, suddenly accelerated into the crowd crowd. Zhang Yu told Sohu "news party", in this video before the scene occurred, the truck has hit a lot of people. "The truck is looking for a lot of places, and the whole process is moving along the S-type route." According to the police, the truck changed at least one route during the 2 km journey, which clearly indicated that the truck driver sought Resulting in the greatest degree of casualties. The truck is still rampage on the road rampage, Zhang rain with his girlfriend all the way home. Lin Zhi did not see the truck. He ran all the way with the crowd, after a while, he found his girlfriend and brother are scattered. He wanted to go back to find, but can only be pushed forward to move forward. He reached the intersection near the square, and some people hid in the small shop on the roadside. He wanted to go out from the store to find his girlfriend and brother, but was stopped by the shop owner. Lin Zhi linked to his girlfriend with a cell phone, she has run back home, but my brother did not have any audio. In the store to hide for a while, see the movement of the less some, Lin Chi decided to go home. After the home, my brother has not come back, the whole family began to worry, and quickly go out to find. Lin Zhi did not particularly worry about his brother, he did not hear the gunfire, knowing that there was no follow-up riot attack. Before long, he received a call from home, the police sent his brother to go home. "When I came to find my brother, I was not worried about his safety, just afraid of him cold." A few years ago to work in Nice Lin Zhi know that the southern French customs simple and kind, will be good to protect children. 13-year-old brother obviously did not realize the seriousness of things, expression calm. He had wanted to follow his brother to run, not a few steps to be surrounded by an uncle, was brought to a basement of ice cream base to hide. After a while, the uncle sent his brother to the hands of the road police, sent back without injury. Lin Zhi asked his brother: "You were afraid of it?" Brother replied: "No fear, they are holding a glass of hand, bad guys came to hit." 11 points, Zhang Yu and his girlfriend returned home safely. TV is broadcast in the news of terrorist attacks, WeChat full of friends anxious to ask, he returned to one by one safe, 4:00 to sleep. Third, after the accountability Why the police reaction so slow? Truck driver Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel was shot dead by the police that night, but it was far from the pain of Nice. The attacker was 31 years old and was a Tunisian Frenchman. In its leased 19-ton truck, the police found a lot of guns and ammunition. Police informed that, according to preliminary news, the terrorists did not appear in any list of terrorists, there is no organization that is responsible for the attack. Although the police after the rapid investigation, but Zhang rain on the terrorist attacks before the reaction was extremely dissatisfied. He told Sohu "news party": "At first, the police did not make any reaction, no siren, shots. Every intersection has a police car, but I do not know why the police did not react." Until the truck hit people, and It was five minutes after the police responded, but it was too late. Zhang Yu said that many people in Nice, the local people are very angry response to the police, "why the truck so far away, the police did not react? Even ring a siren, people heard will be prepared." According to media reports, trucks Before the driver crashed into the car, he had claimed to send ice cream to Nice Beach. But for this argument, Zhang Yu is more dissatisfied, walking on the road every year to prohibit the passage of vehicles, allowing vehicles to traffic is the responsibility of the police. There are media reports the police in the forced to stop, killing the fear of those who brave. According to the BBC, a member of the French National Assembly said that a policewoman jumped on the truck that the attackers were driving to try to stop him. However, just a week ago, the French Parliament in Paris after the establishment of the assessment committee issued a six-month investigation, that the intelligence system completely "not to force" last year caused 147 people were killed in terrorist attacks against France, Including the "Charlie Weekly" office, a Jewish grocery store and November in the outskirts of the stadium in Paris, the concert hall of the multi-ring attack. The Committee considered that many of the raid cases in France had previously been on the list of French intelligence agencies, but because of poor monitoring and poor intelligence, they had the opportunity to commit crimes. The fear of the murderer, although no longer monitoring the list of intelligence, but left many cases. In addition to poor monitoring, France also has three special forces to prevaricate with each other "step on foot" problem. The Commission is of the view that each special force has its own mode of action, "there is no worse than three intervening units." "The horror occurred in Nice, is that we all never imagined," Despite the frequent terrorist attacks in France, Zhang Yu is still reluctant to believe that Nice will become the target of terrorists. "This is a beautiful city, residents of high quality, simple folk customs." "I am very depressed," Zhang Yu's tone some tangled, "in France for a long time, reluctant to this country." The last day of June this year, he finally had their own house in Nice, but only after half a month , He has experienced the past 15 years has never happened terrorist attacks. (The interviewer should be required, Lin Zhi, Zhang Yu is a pseudonym) Author: Fu Shan Editor: Wang Chen column: Sohu "press party"?

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